Project Management

Removing complexity and creating clarity throughout the project life cycle.

Our Project Management Services

Removing complexity and creating clarity throughout the project life cycle. O’Callaghan’s core business is supporting clients with the successful development and delivery of projects. Our unique proposition is the implementation of our bespoke project management and project control systems developed by our MBA and PMI certified project management consultants.

Project Management

Construction Oversight

Project scheduling

Master Scheduling

Cost Control System Development

Project Coordination

Resource Planning & Monitoring

Risk Analysis & response Planning

Stakeholder Management

Progress Reporting

In everything we do, we believe in removing complexity and uncertainty, we believe in creating clarity. We do this by developing bespoke systems that are integrable and user friendly.

‘Accurate’ is too inaccurate for our meticulous principles.
‘Standard’ is too conventional for our tradition of challenging the status quo.
We provide informed and considered counsel.

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Jeremy Mark Hall - Managing Partner

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Analysis Sensitivity Analysis

Analysing how sensitive the output is to changes in one input while keeping the other inputs constant; allows for the identification of which criteria would have the most impact.


Identifies the decision (or combination of) which provides the most benefit and clearly represents opportunity costs.

Trend Analysis

Illustrating organisational, departmental and or product performance over a period (i.e. years, quarters or months) provides an opportunity to:

  • Monitor an organisation’s portfolio, departments and individual product’s performance

  • Identify growth opportunities alongside areas with deteriorating performance

  • Minimise the possibility of making ad hoc decisions based on performance peaks or troughs.

  • Determine optimal resource allocation, i.e. capital expenditure or marketing spend.

  • Measure quantifiable effectiveness of implemented strategies.

  • Predictive modelling of potential changes.

Decision Makling

Make Decision(s)

Our Client makes an informed and considered decision based on the presented analysis.


Decision-making support systems are updated and adapted to incorporate changes in the external environment and / or internal organisational changes