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Removing complexity and uncertainty from the decision-making process

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In everything we do, we believe in removing complexity and uncertainty, we believe in creating
clarity. We do this by developing bespoke systems that are integrable and user friendly.

‘Accurate’ is too inaccurate for our meticulous principles.
‘Standard’ is too conventional for our tradition of challenging the status quo.
We provide informed and considered counsel.

We are O’Callaghan

Decision-Making Support System

O’Callaghan provides informed and considered counsel by identifying, clearly representing and formally assessing a client's decision options. O’Callaghan collaboratively develops decision-making support systems with the active participation of the decision-makers, taking into account their system of values and judgment policy as well as their expertise on the particular decision(s) under consideration.

Real-world decision-making problems are usually too complex and ill-structured to be considered through the examination of a single criterion, attribute, or point of view that will lead to the optimum decision.



Identify Decision Makers

Identify the decision makers and/or stakeholders whose preferences are to be represented.



Identify the alternatives (programmes, departments, projects etc.) to be prioritised, ranked or assessed.


Identify Criteria

Select the measurements, principles and standards to evaluate, compare and assess the alternatives.


Criteria Weighting

Determine each criteria’s relative importance. The process we use is Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDA) used to address complex decisions involving multiple considerations of conflicting nature.

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Trend, Sensitivity and Value.

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Decisions making and refinement.

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Robyn O’Callaghan - Advisor

Beven O’Callaghan - Mentor

Pearl O’Callaghan Hall - Office Manager

Jeremy Mark Hall - Managing Partner

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